Getting Plus Size Right!

Getting Plus Size Right!

When we reached out to 40+ brands to help with their size inclusivity, Tradlands was 1 of 2 brands that decided to move forward with the process! Their commitment to getting plus size right has been beautiful to see and their customers surely appreciate them for it. Here, our Founder and Creative Director Mary Alice and Sadie, the Founder and CEO of Tradlands sat down for a conversation about working together to fix the size inclusivity issue in sustainable fashion. Check out the full video on our Instagram!



"If I can get these small brands on board with inclusive sizing, plus size folks and fat folks will see that there is a space, there is a place, you are welcome here. And you don't have to default to fast fashion if you're trying not to shop fast fashion." - Mary Alice


"No matter what size body it is, they're wanting that same fit whether it's relaxed or it's supposed to be a baggy oversized fit, that's the fit that each body should have in that piece." - Sadie


"There's a cultural conditioning to sell small sizes. I think that's a massive part of the problem." - Sadie


"We're experts because we made the conscious decision to invest a shit ton of time, money and energy into getting this right. And selfishly, it's so that I could have cool clothes. But that's just the long and short of it, that is how you become an expert, it's practice." - Mary Alice

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