It's More Than A Collection

It's More Than A Collection

Alice Alexander began in 2017 as a way to finally serve fat and plus-size folks clothes that were made in bold colors and beautiful silhouettes without compromising quality or fit. Over the years we’ve been able to grow a community filled with people that share our passion to transform our racist, fatphobic, and destructive fashion industry into one that is inclusive, sustainable, and joyful. We are a team of seven diverse individuals filled with talent, innovation, and drive to lead others to the kind of fashion we want to see. We come together with the motivation to do this one great thing. However, in the last two years, we’ve learned that in the journey to success there are potholes, roadblocks, and dead ends along the way, but we reroute ourselves and keep on driving forward. These past two years have hit small businesses hard, and we’ve done everything in our power to push through all our obstacles. However, we’ve had to make some difficult decisions recently in the hope to save our business. 


About 14 months ago we decided to expand our design team. For a business of our size, this is unheard of. But for us to create an incredible product for an audience that has been completely ignored by the fashion industry, in-house expertise was needed to bring our vision to fruition. We received that ten-fold and now have an amazing group of individuals on our creative team consisting of Abby, Geneva, Ty, and Itohan that have dedicated themselves to fulfilling a gap in this industry through extraordinary design. Following this, we put faith in our mission and decided to switch our business model from made to order to ready to ship. The heart of this plan was to decrease the turnaround time for our customers, enable us to create better products, and increase our revenues to support a larger team. 


Despite our intentions, we discovered that this was a massive undertaking and underestimated the workload. Due to delay after delay including covid shut-downs around the world, challenges with customs officers, fabric shortages, manufacturing and shipping errors both our summer and fall collections were pushed back. At no point over the last 14 months did our sales support this team, this was all fueled by Mary Alice’s personal investment in the business. As a result, without enough consistent sales revenue, the unfortunate but necessary decision to temporarily lay off three people on our design team was made. This is in hope that the business can make it through the next few months and recover from a devastating two years. 


Although these last few years haven’t been great for small businesses everywhere, for the seven of us at Alice Alexander it’s been a huge blow. We dared to expand and it just hasn’t succeeded the way we needed it to. We have a group of humans who are tirelessly dedicated to the work we do at Alice Alexander from both a design standpoint and a human one--simply put, for us this is not just a job, but a mission. We believe we have the right team on board. We believe that our business deserves to be here--because we are filing a cavernous gap in the fashion industry.  In the last year, we created some incredible products, most of which we’ve yet to launch due to countless hurdles completely outside of our control. 


So our plan is this: to release the products that we’ve already designed, sampled, and put into production before they arrive. Each product page contains details for when each item will be shipped. This is with the intention that we can start to bring in the revenue that our business needs to not just survive but thrive. We hope that by early 2022 we can rebuild the team so that we can continue to design and develop expertly fitted items in diverse prints and colors--filling a massive gap in the market for high-quality, size-inclusive, sustainable apparel. 


Our community is incredible. Any time we’ve reached out for help, you’ve rallied. And today, we come to you with our biggest ask of you yet. Help us save this business. What we are doing is unparalleled. Our commitment to inclusive fit is unrivaled. Our investment in people and talent is unmatched. Our quality and design are beyond reproach. Our obsession with sustainability, ethics, and traceability is evident. All the things we say we want: sustainability, ethics, quality, style, color, print--we deliver on all counts. 


The entire Alice Alexander team; Mary Alice, Geneva, Abby, Ty, Itohan, Sofia, and Shaina we are all in.


So here is our ask of you: 


-Purchase either our ready-to-ship items; our fixed pre-order items currently in production and waiting to arrive; or our factory pre-order. Expected arrival dates are listed on each product page and as soon as these pieces arrive, they’ll ship to you. Pre-order items release today for members and Saturday, November 13th for email subscribers. 


-Choose Alice Alexander for your holiday gifts! Our gift cards are always the perfect size. Especially these incredible silk scarves in our pre-order section which we anticipate will arrive in early December. 


-Refer a friend to Alice Alexander. Both you and your friend will receive $25 to shop as a token of our appreciation. Link to sign up here. 


-Refer a friend to our email list. Not up for shopping? No worries, sending your friends to our email list is an excellent way to support our work. Link here to refer a friend to email. 


We’re not a charity. We are a business. And businesses only survive if there’s an actual market need. Even though we are personally convinced that the need for Alice Alexander is evident our belief alone can’t validate this business. We need our customer community to affirm that belief, and the best way to do that is with your purchases and referrals. 


This new collection is the result of an entire year’s worth of work from our design team. We are so proud of the level of innovation we’ve been able to reach so far and only hope that your support can push us to the next level. We don’t want this to be our last collection, frankly, it’s too damn good. Our dedication to this business is fueled by the satisfaction and joy we all feel when individuals unrepresented in the fashion industry finally feel seen. It’s knowing that what we do impacts the lives of others that enables us to continue pushing forward. Therefore, we’ll be posting monthly updates and engaging with you as much as we can during this time. The entire Alice Alexander team thanks you for your support throughout the years, and we look forward to many more. 


With gratitude, 


The Alice Alexander Team

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