Our Warm Weather Collection is LIVE on IndieGoGo!

Our Warm Weather Collection is LIVE on IndieGoGo!

Hey friends! 

Our Warm Weather Collection is LIVE! We've set up a crowdfunding campaign to offer 30% off every item in our Warm Weather Collection through pre-order. 

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Why pre-order? Pre-order allows us to offer the best possible price on the highest quality garment. We can order our fabric in bulk AFTER we know exactly how many pieces to produce (eliminating waste) and we can set up our production schedule more efficiently to streamline processes and save time. We then pass those savings onto you!

alice Alexander size inclusive

Instead of ordering through the website, you'll place your order through IndieGoGo. Prices are good until Friday, April 6th. After this date, the campaign will close and we'll be in touch with customers to get their size information and color choice. After the campaign pieces will still be available on the website at full price. 

The purpose of our crowdfunding campaign is to raise awareness about our brand and move our company into a combined brick and mortar retail/ production space in Philadelphia. We plan to upgrade our equipment, invest in research and development and improve our brand presence. 

Every dollar counts so please share the campaign with those in your life who care about size-inclusive, ethically-made style!


Mary Alice 

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