Small Business Saturday 2021

Small Business Saturday 2021

Years ago when I started this business I had a solitary dream in mind: I wanted to help others feel the joy and total liberation of wearing clothes that finally felt like them. Not settling for whatever lackluster, polyester stretchy bits that fit. And to do it in a way that felt right, where I could sleep at night knowing I wasn’t hurting anyone while pursuing a net positive bottom line.


Now in our fifth year, I’m happy to say that in many ways we're on our way to achieving that vision, knowing that our garments are out there in the world, being worn by incredible people like yourself. Other goals, like financial sustainability, mastering the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, and figuring out Facebook ads remain elusive.


While Covid threw us for a loop (and we’re continuing to feel its effects), I am happy to report that we’re still here. Maybe not exactly the way we want to be (yet), but here, nonetheless.


Running this small business has given me greater joy (and greater heartache) than I ever knew possible. It’s truly been the singular test of my life and even on my hardest days I can’t imagine doing anything else. I am not sure what the future holds, but I do know this, with your support we’ll continue to design the most badass, highest quality, sustainably and responsibly made clothing around, you can count on that.


This Small Business Saturday I invite you to celebrate with us in the following ways:


  • Tell your friends about Alice Alexander. Share our content. Follow us on social media and interact with our account. Forward our emails. A small business like ours thrives off of word of mouth and it's free!
  • Sign up for our email list! (all the good things happen in our emails)
  • Make a purchase at This weekend only we’re offering 20% off to EVERYONE with code SMALLBIZ20 even on our newest arrivals, plus our Summer 2021 collection is currently 35% off (no code needed)


I can not say this enough, every single purchase made at a small business like ours is seen and celebrated. We pour over every order, package each garment with care, and send it on its way with a handwritten thank you note. My team and I, we have big dreams and big goals—and we sincerely believe that what we’re offering at Alice Alexander deserves to exist. It’s because of you and your support all year round that keeps this little dream alive.


From myself and the team at Alice Alexander: thank you, thank you, thank you.



Mary Alice Duff

Creative Director and Founder, Alice Alexander

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