The Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge

The Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Town Hall hosted by Rachel Rodgers (whose coaching program I am currently enrolled in) to discuss how small businesses can take real ACTION in combatting racism.

Through that experience, I signed the Small Business Pledge, which was created by Rachel and her team at Hello Seven. You can watch the Town Hall here and read the pledge below. 

Over the next four weeks, my team and I will meet to discuss how we at Alice Alexander, can begin to live into each of these statements so that our actions are directly lined up with our intent: to build an anti-racist business and company culture. Once we've identified those specific actions that we will take, we will share them here. It's important to me, that I, as the owner and founder of Alice Alexander, am held accountable and my intent is that by sharing our process and our actions, it will provide both transparency and accountability. 

I encourage our community to read through the pledge below. 

I also welcome other small business owners to review the pledge and seriously consider how to implement these actions into their own companies. Considering nearly half of all Americans work in a small business just imagine the impact we can have upon Black lives if each of us can commit to doing this work and incorporating into our daily business practices. 

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