Warm Weather Collection- Setting the Mood

Warm Weather Collection- Setting the Mood

When I started designing for spring 2018, I really began to critically ask myself what are the pieces that I feel are missing from MY wardrobe? What are the pieces, silhouettes and styles that feel absent from my life? What clothes match best with how I life my life? 

As a maker and entrepreneur I need clothes that blend both sophistication and function. As a woman I appreciate flexibility in clothes that allows my body to expand and contract but needed to find ways to accomplish this while still looking polished. And of course there had to be color and pattern because I simply can not live my life in neutrals. 

The vivid pink paired with the cool, neutral gray really peeked my interest. I love a neutral/ vivid combo. 

I'm also a person who very tactical, I obsess over the way a fabric feels to the touch. The cross-hatched, slightly textured feeing of linen, the soft luxury of silk, the raised edges of a unique lace trim. If fabric doesn't feel right in my hand, I simply won't use it no matter how much I love the color or pattern. 

This season I was inspired by bright pinks, yellows and blue-ish greens and loose geometric prints which you'll find subtly and not-so-subtly repeating throughout the collection.

I was also inspired by unique forms of embroidery including a vintage embroidery technique, allowing the skin to peek through every so slightly. It's sensual without being overt (it also makes for one heck of a way to cool down on a hot day).

I'm really thrilled with what we've come up with this season and I hope you love it too! Our collection launches for pre-order on March 15th to email subscribers and March 16th to the public.

Happy almost spring!


Mary Alice 

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