Membership FAQs

The Membership Basics / Everything You Need to Know

Being a member at Alice Alexander means you get a seat at our table. Members are able to enjoy unique perks and be a part of the process. We always appreciate our customers and love to offer even more to your Alice Alexander experience!

Our yearly membership’s benefits include:

  • A membership account on our website that you can login to and receive benefits.  
  • Member pricing: Enjoy 20% off every time you shop at Alice Alexander.
  • A $150 alterations credit to have garments altered to your fit. 
  • Free U.S. shipping both ways + $15 flat rate international shipping.
  • First access to new collections.
  • Behind the scenes content for members only.
  • Exclusive access to twice yearly sales.
  • An invitation to participate in future product development including product sampling, design feedback and more. 


How can I join?

At Alice Alexander, we have a limited membership enrollment period. If you missed the enrollment period, you can sign up to be added to the membership enrollment waitlist here. When enrollment re-opens you’ll receive an email with the opportunity to join. Upon purchase you’ll receive an email confirmation and invitation to set up your online account. 


How does it work?

Our members get to be a part of it all. We ask for your opinions on collection inspiration, fabrics, colors and what kind of pieces you’d be interested in seeing us create. Sometimes we even share sketches from our designers! Once the collection is in production you’ll see behind the scenes footage of it being created, our decision making process and even early line sheets. Once we have stock, the collection goes live for members only! You’ll have 3 days to shop with just your fellow members before we open to email subscribers and finally the general public. 


Can I purchase a membership at any time?

No, we enroll in our membership program during limited periods throughout the year. Our last membership enrollment period closed on February 28, 2021 11:59pm EST. 

If you want to be notified when our membership enrollment period opens again, sign up here to be added to our waitlist! 


Can I use my membership to purchase a gift for someone else?



Can I gift a membership?

Absolutely. After purchasing, send an email to and provide the name and email address of the person you’d like to gift a membership to. We’ll take it from there!


Is there a limit to how often I can use my membership?

Nope! You can shop as often as you’d like. Most customers earn back the cost of their membership within their first or second purchase using the membership discount.


Can I combine my membership discount with sale discounts?

We generally only have 2 sales per year. You will not be able to combine the 20% membership discount with sale discounts as these are already our lowest prices. However, sales can only be accessed by members for the first two days, giving you first pick on discounted collections. 


How do I cancel my membership?

If you’ve decided the membership or our products at Alice Alexander are not for you, no problem! Simply email us at and we can cancel your membership. 


Can I cancel my membership after making a purchase?

Yes! If you've made a purchase and decided that the garment is not a good fit and you’d like to cancel your membership and return the garment, simply email us at to get the process started. Once received, we can refund both the garment costs and your membership costs. 


How does "Guaranteed Savings" work?

If, after 8 months in the program, you haven't earned back your membership cost ($99 in savings in the form of discounts, alterations credits and shipping costs), we will refund the difference. To take advantage of this offer please email us at to process your refund. 


Can I order from Alice Alexander without being a member?

Yes! Anyone can place an order on our website, member or not. But only members get access to our membership benefits including 20% off every order, free shipping, alterations and more. 


I’ve never shopped with Alice Alexander before, how will I know your clothing is a good fit for me? 

Our current size chart supports sizes XS-4X (our 4X corresponds with most retailers' 5X) or sizes 0-30. You can see exact measurements on our size chart here. We also provide garment measurements in every product listing. In addition, our in-house design team offers alterations for a perfect fit. 


Are the products at Alice Alexander responsibly made?

Yes, since day one, and always. At the basis of everything we do at Alice Alexander we ensure that our products are:

  1. Inclusive in sizing and made to fit diverse body types.


  1. Made of eco-friendly, long-lasting yet comfortable, and luxurious fabrics.


  1. Sewn by humans paid a fair, living wage in safe, clean conditions. We do not and will not sell anything on our website that does not meet these criteria. Therefore, as a member, you have the comfort of being part of a community that values ethical practices in our process. 


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