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Do you accept returns?

Yes, we currently accept returns for exchange/ store credit within 14 days of delivery. Please email with your order number to receive a pre-paid shipping label. Store credit is issued as soon as we receive the returned garment. Due to the nature of our production we can not offer returns for cash at this time. 

How long will it take to get my order?

Each garment is made to order. Each product description provides specific time frames for when you can expect your order to ship. Most orders ship in 2-3 weeks.

In a rush and need something ASAP? Expedited options are available. Send us an email at

Why size-inclusive?

Because ALL bodies deserve good clothes. You can read all about why we made the jump from plus-size to size-inclusive here. Our size chart includes sizes 0-30 including petites and talls. Additionally we are happy to make clothing for women who's measurements fall outside our size chart for no extra charge. 

Where are Alice Alexander clothes made?

Alice Alexander is vertically-integrated, which means instead of outsourcing to a factory we've built garment production capabilities ourselves. Every piece in our collection is made by an Alice Alexander employee in our Philadelphia studio. Production wages start at more than double the federal minimum wage and $4 more per hour than industry standard. 

How does Alice Alexander practice sustainability?

The fashion industry is a dirty business! But here at Alice Alexaixcer we've turned the production of clothing on its head. We search the world for the most earth-friendly materials available including hemp, organic cotton, linen and tencel. Then we design out patterns to eliminate fabric cutting waste. Garments are ONLY made to order eliminating costly, environmentally damaging inventory. Scraps are separated into two bins, one to be used towards future designs (cuffs, collars, pockets, etc.) while very small scraps are recycled with the zero-waste fabric recycler, TerraCycle. When prepared for shipping garments are wrapped in recycled paper and shipped in recycled and recyclable packages. Even our shipping labels are zero waste. We are constantly seeking ways to minimize our environmental impact! 

I wear a different size top/ bottom, I have a long torso/ short legs, I have a full bicep, etc.--can you customize this pattern to my measurements? 

YES! Since we are the designers, manufactures and retailers of our garment, with no outsourcing, we can easily make sizing customizations upon request. 

Need a little extra length in your inseam? Or perhaps you need a bit more room in the arms? We can do that.  As a general rule of thumb we like to say it doesn't hurt to ask! So send us an email to

What is fast fashion?

Fast Fashion is a relatively new business model in the fashion world. It's a model of taking designs from the runway and recreating them quickly, cheaply and in mass, and selling them at very, very low costs and doing so frequently--some stores are launching new collections every week! Fast fashion has a catastrophic impact on people and the planet. In order for prices at fast fashion brands to be as low as they are, garment workers are exploited and sadly often work under slave labor conditions. Additionally, the environment suffers. Most fast fashion retailers use polyester (which is made of petroleum) and is massively damaging to the planet. Toxic chemicals are also used in fabric production posioning water ways and communities. Looking for more information? Check out these resources:

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is the design, production and retailing of garments prioritizing QUALITY and TIMELESSNESS. Slow fashion brands like ours use better materials than fast fashion brands, higher quality craftsmanship and produce at a lower volume.  Slow fashion prioritizes a wardrobe that has a handful of high quality, versatile pieces vs. a closet packed with low-quality trendy pieces. 

I'm transitioning from fast fashion to slow fashion but I'm finding ethical/ sustainable fashion is more expensive than I'm used to. Any tips on how to budget accordingly? 

YES! Ethical/ sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion for good reason! We use better materials, higher quality craftsmanship and USA based ethical production and create virtually no fabric waste. All of these extra steps add up. That being said, we're proud to offer our customers a layaway program that they can access at checkout. Simply select the option "Pay with" at checkout to set up your payment plan. Plans require a 25% downpayment and must be paid within 8 weeks. Upon completing your payment plan we will ship out your garments. 


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