Meet the Team

Meet the incredible team here at Alice Alexander


Mary Alice Duff (she/ her) 

Creative Director & CEO,  Mary Alice is responsible for the creative and strategic direction of the brand. Learn more about Mary Alice here.

Position: Creative Director & CEO

Start Date: April 2017 

Astrology Sign: Sagittarius (obviously)

Personality Type: INTJ

Background: Rebellious child, former social worker and nonprofit executive turned hobby sewist and fashion entrepreneur. 

Mary Alice's Favorite...

Emoji: 🤔 

Food: White pizza with arugula, balsamic and prosciutto

Weekend Activity: Reading a book on the beach with a cool drink and a big sun hat. (I swear I used to be cooler.) 



Geneva Sessums (she/her)

Position: Director of Product Development & Production

Start Date: April 2018

Astrology Sign: Cancer

Personality Type: INFJ


Background: Geneva grew up in Virginia and earned a BFA in Fashion Design at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Ever since she's worked almost exclusively with small fashion brands, developing patterns and sewing in basements.  At Alice Alexander she started as a sewer and got the space to rise to Mary Alice's vision for the brand, and to push the rest of the team to work smarter and pursue what lights them up.

Skills: Design, ~basically everything~, delegating and wrangling

Geneva's favorite...

Emoji: 💖

Food: anything with sweet and savory flavors together

Weekend Activity: hiking, road trips and thrifting



Abigail (Abby) Stenner (they/ them) 

Position: Patternmaker/Studio Manager

Start Date: February 2018

Astrology Sign: Aquarius

Personality Type: INFJ


Background: Abby is originally from Newark Delaware, and attended the University of Delaware where they earned their Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design with minors in Fashion History & Culture and Theatre Production. They first worked in Theatre as a Costume Technician but eventually found AliceAlexander through a job search and appreciated how their personal views on fashion inclusivity, and quality in production were reflected in this business personality and practice. They love creating new garments with new challenges and there is never a dull day at Alice Alexander.

Skills: Sewing, patternmaking, troubleshooting, and developing methods of organization

Abby’s Favorite...

Quote: "To thine own self be true" - William Shakespeare

Emoji: 👍

Food: Loaded Nachos

Weekend Activity: Playing Dungeons and Dragons or other group board games with my friends (all online for now).



Sofia Warren (she/ her) 

Position: Brand Marketing Manager

Start Date: June 2020

Astrology Sign: Libra

Personality Type: ENFJ


Background: Sofia was raised in Bath, NY and attended Buffalo State College. There, she earned a dual degree in Fashion Merchandising and Public Communication. She worked in Buffalo a few years after graduating doing Marketing and serving on the side. She enjoys working with small businesses to help develop their brand and loves being in collaborative environments.

Skills: Social media management, graphic design, branding, pitching

Sofia’s Favorite…

Quote: “Work hard, play hard”

Food: I am never *not* down for a crab boil

Emoji: 🤪

Weekend Activity: Exploring Philly and taking advantage of being social again!


Itohan Asemota (she/her)

Position: Sourcing and Sustainability Manager

Start Date: August 2020

Astrology Sign: Leo (Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Sagittarius Rising to be specific)

Personality Type: ENFP 



Background: Born and raised in Central New Jersey (Somerset, NJ), Itohan moved to Philadelphia to attend Thomas Jefferson University at East Falls. There, she gained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fashion Design. Since making Philadelphia her new home,  Itohan has created creative content for a wide variety of organizations and fashion brands. She enjoys working in open-minded work environments and exploring opportunities to bring a focus to social consciousness within the fashion industry

Skills: Garment production, product development, fashion research

Itohan’s Favorite...

Quote: What is meant for you, is meant for you

Emoji: 🤗 

Food: All types of Curry 

Weekend Activity: Working on a DIY project, spending time with her partner and cat, and/or going to a concert or flea market (when large gatherings are safe to attend again)


Ty (they/them)

Position: Designer/Stylist

Start Date: August 2020

Astrology Sign: Aquarius

Personality Type: INFP-T


Background: Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs of Delco in Glenolden, Pennsylvania, Ty completed the Designer Development Program Made Institute. After showing their first collection at Philadelphia Fashion Week, they were selected by The Phluid Project in New York to develop and sell the collection at the world's first gender neutral store and  have continued to collaborate and consult with Phluid on further projects with larger stores. In addition to design, Ty has freelanced as a stylist for various local brands, musicians, modeling agencies, and artists in Philadelphia and New York. Ty is driven by a desire to make everyone feel seen and represented in fashion media in addition to making clothes that empower people to boldly go into the world and from the boardroom to the club.

Skills: graphic and print design, garment design, styling, bad jokes

Ty’s Favorite…

Quote: “(Insert random slew of design thoughts) Idk just ideas”

Food: Sushi

Emoji: ✌️😘

Weekend Activity: Designing and making garments for themself and their friends, dancing, thrifting, soccer, learning new things via the University of YouTube. toying around with making beats and electronic music. 


Shaina (she/her)

Position: Marketing Assistant

Start Date: September 2021

Astrology Sign: Capricorn

Personality Type: ENFJ-A


Background: Born and raised in Philadelphia, Shaina attended Chestnut Hill College and earned a degree in Communications, concentrating in Digital Media. She has a background in the arts, digital journalism, marketing, and creative writing. Driven by a passion for inclusivity, Shaina works to make spaces for diversity in fashion and digital media. 

Skills: Copywriting, internet exploring, and creative thinking.

Shaina’s Favorite…

Quote: “Think and wonder, wonder and think”.

Food: Dumplings

Emoji: 🐒

Weekend Activity: Watching documentaries, researching something new, playing video games and hanging out with my cat, Max.